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About Us

 Robin Robitaille, CMT is a National Board Certified Massage Therapist and a graduate from the Wellness Massage Institute in St. Albans, VT.  Since completing her basic massage training in Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage and Accelerated Healing Techniques, she has gone on to study Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki.  In 2012 she completed her certification in Bowenwork and  has gone on to further her studies in Specialty Classes and the  Mind Body Connection Relationship of Bowenwork.  Robin is a professional member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Robin left a long career as a family business owner, to pursue a career in therapeutic massage.  She strives to assist each individual achieve wellness of the body as a whole.  Physical symptoms can often be the body’s way of dealing with deeper trauma.   Robin is committed to using massage and Bowenwork to support the body as the trauma is worked through.

Robins spends her free time celebrating life with family and friends.   She enjoys spending time in nature,  meditation, qigong, yoga, canoeing and cooking and reading.  “I strongly believe that people are placed in our lives at certain times for a reason.  We should always try to be open and honor the wonders the universal energies have to offer us.”

As a massage therapist, Robin believes that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected.  Through the management and healing of pain in all its manifestations, an overall wellness can be achieved.  Honoring and respecting ourselves in whatever stage of health and life we are is truly invaluable.

I didn’t start massage therapy until I was 57 years old and my first experience was so relaxing and calming that I was instantly hooked. Over the next few years I went to various massage therapist and in June 2009 was referred to Robin, who was practicing just up the road from my home. I had never requested a deep tissue massage in spite of the fact that I have been running for the last 50 years and have always been suffering with tight and/or pulled muscles. Robin demonstrated her expertise and knowledge during that first and following sessions; and has been a God send for my physical and mental well being. I schedule my 1½ hour sessions every three weeks and the time between just doesn’t go by fast enough.

Terry Sweeney, Georgia, Vermont